SteelSeries Engine

SteelSeries Engine 3.17

Provides an interface from which you can configure SteelSeries items
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3.17.8 (See all)

Configures a great variety of settings on your mice, keyboard, headsets and other SteelSeries devices. On your mice, you can change the DPI, create macros, change the color and the same goes on the keyboard. The headsets as well, the sound quality can be configured from the interface. Profiles can be created, to be specific for games, 1 different profile for each game.

SteelSeries Engine is dedicated to all the SteelSeries products. With SteelSeries Engine you can upgrade the drivers of your SteelSeries Engine mouse, you can configure your mouse sensitivity, change the color of it's led color, create macros and so on.

With SteelSeries Engine your SteelSeries Engine keyboard can also be configured, create key macros, change it's led color, upgrade it's software. Also your headsets are easily configured, adjust volume, change led color, preset for games like Counter Strike and others.

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